The following terms supplement, and not replace the General Condition of Altervista, and are an integral part of it, applying to Members who decide to activate the Service Banner and then insert or activate Banner advertisements in the hosted site. The failure to respect even one of the following terms and guidelines can result in disabling, even permanently, advertising banners on the hosted site.

1. Click and invalid banner impressions - It's categorically prohibited any method, technology or strategy to artificially generate clicks to the hosted site, or click on banners and / or Banner impressions. The clicks and ad impressions need to be from genuine interest from the Hosted Site visitors. By way of example, are not permitted: impressions and repeated manual clicks, tools for generating automated clicks and impressions (auto surf, AUTOHIT, robots, bots), click jacking or other strategies to fool the systems. It is also strictly prohibited by the User clicks on their banners.

2. Encouragement to click on Banner - It is not allowed to ask others to click on banners, or encourage in any way the click on the Banner from visitors of the hosted site, or use of automatic systems to get clicks. You may not: add text or graphics that invite, even indirectly, to click on banners and provide compensation for the display or the click of Banner. Some examples of acts not permitted:

  • Place the Banner or create layout of the pages so that they are not clearly distinguishable from other content of the page.
  • To encourage visitors to click on banners with phrases like: "click the ads", "support us", "visit these sponsors" or other similar expressions.
  • Attracting the attention of visitors on advertising banners using arrows or other graphical gimmicks or images.- To offer compensation to users for displaying banners or click on the Banner or promise compensation to a third party for such behavior.
  • Insert Banner advertising in mobile positions, not visible or such that it is inevitable or difficult to avoid the generation of clicks.

3. Pages in which is not permitted to insert advertisements - The advertising banners cannot be displayed on pages that contain any violation of the General Conditions. In particular: adult content, sexual, violent or inciting intolerance and racial hatred. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to display Banners in an Hosted Site containing even a single page where there are contents such as the ones listed below:

  • Content prohibited to minors
  • Content defamatory or even potentially harmful against individuals and / groups and / or organizations, and / or company.
  • Copyrighted material and of which you do not have permission to spread
  • Content related to drug abuse, drug and alcohol abuse
  • Content related to health and the promotion of drugs
  • Content related to hacking and cracking software
  • Content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking on ads or performing searches, surfing websites or reading emails
  • Violent content, obscene and gore
  • Contents untrue and / or that promote illegal behavior and / or dishonest and / or antisocial
  • Illegal Content or counterfeit
  • Content copied, aggregates, scraped or not original
  • Content not in line with the topics covered by the vertical reference (if any), as described in the Terms and Conditions (4.10)
  • Content of spam, doorway and with little text component
  • Hacked, they can damage the visitor or malicious.

4. Limits on the traffic sources

It's not allowed to insert advertising banners on pages receiving traffic from certain sources:

  • Traffic from auto surf, paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, and click
  • exchange programs.
  • Unwanted email (spam) or unsolicited ads on third-party websites
  • Software to generate pop-ups, change the placement or visibility of Banner
  • Traffic from click bait or like bait.
  • Share of traffic higher to 20% by linguistic predominantly nations not in line with the language of the proposed content
  • Traffic-free sources or not determinable sources
  • Traffic from doorway

5. Placement of Banners - The ad banner must be placed in a visible place on the pages, not hidden or stacked. The code of ad Banner must be the one provided by Altervista and this code should not be changed. It is not allowed the inclusion in popup, windows or other visible system blocking the page for a period. The area occupied by ad banner on the pages should never be more than the part occupied by the contents entered by the User. If multiple ad formats are present in the page, even if the banner provided through the Google Adsense service, all of these advertisements should be well spaced from each other, and never placed side by side, and always separated by a good portion of editorial content.

6. Adequacy compared to current terms - The pages on which are displayed ads Banner must be compliant with the privacy policy which provides the possibility for third parties to placing cookies on visitors' browser, or using Web Beacons to collect information following the publication of advertisements on the website. The User guarantees the conformity of its hosted site with all applicable regulations, in particular agrees to produce and maintain updated and in a manner appropriate on the Site Housed, independently or through, when present, to the tools offered by Altervista, the cookie policy, proper provision of the Services, and any other disclaimer and / or privacy policies necessary for the provision of advertising banners, in the risk on the contrary, of the immediate suspension of the Service Banner.

7. Advertising Exclusive - The presence of other campaigns and advertising channels different from those provided by Altervista and NOT explicitly authorized may infringe the exclusive relationship for disbursement of adv Banner.

IMPORTANT: The Company reserves the right to check, at any time and without notice, at its discretion, compliance with the General Conditions and the present Supplementary Regulations, and reserves the right to terminate definitively and without notice the provision of the Banner Service and possibly also of the individual service user in case they violate or has violated the Terms and conditions or the terms and conditions applicable to the Banner Service.