Mondadori Media S.p.A., further called "Altervista", acts merely as hosting provider. According to article 16 of legislative decree n.70 of 2003, Altervista cannot always be aware of the possible illegality of the information on hosted sites and the activities of these sites, however, Altervista is committed to promptly removing all illegal content, or to deactivating hosted sites, as soon as it is informed by the proper authorities.

Altervista does not exert any editorial control over hosted sites and is not in any case responsible for the content, information, opinion, possible displayed advertising, free or payment services or products here presented and/or offered, nor is it responsible for the activities of the managers or users of hosted sites.

Altervista does not assume any responsibility for any damage or prejudice caused to visitors or to others resulting from the downloading and/or visualizing of any kind of material available on the hosted sites on users' own computers or on those of others persons.

Every interested person who believes that the activity or the presented information is illegal, has the right to notify the relevant authorities knowing that once Altervista has been informed, it can take the necessary measures according to the law.