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Altervista, online since 2000, it’s the blog platform of Mondadori Group, the leading publishing company in Italy.

For your blog, you are going to share the technology in use of leading websites of the Italian web.

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Mobile First

You are going to have a quick blog on mobile navigation and with a charming look thanks to exclusive mobile design themes.

We also give you support for the accelerated Google pages (AMP).

Auto-pilot for the advertisements

Auto-pilot for the advertisements

Just with one click, you can display profitable advertisements and monetize the traffic on your blog contents.

Pages that load faster

Million-Pages Cache

With the cache system we built, your blog can efficiently manage millions of pages per month.

Pages that load faster

Push the Traffic

Web Push Notification, to push your contents and increase the traffic. With Push Notifications, you create a loyal visitor base, across multiple devices.

Elena Terrile
I'm satisfied with everything, especially with the speed of the cache! The pages load in a moment! Unlike many other sites that take almost a minute! Talking about the Auto-pilot: I'm happy with it, it's a great help, it adds the advertisements where they should be!
Cucinaconnene, on Altervista since 2017
Fernanda Demuru
Mi trovo bene con tutto, le notifiche push mi piacciono tantissimo e ogni giorno gratificano sempre un pochino di più
Il lecca pentole, on Altervista/Giallo Zafferano since 2016
Vanessa Gizzi
Mai avuto un ritardo nei pagamenti! Con il pilota automatico è una vera bellezza! Non devo più occuparmi io di mettere le pubblicità, fa tutto da solo e le mette al punto giusto e nei formati giusti! Se sto guadagnando bene? Penso di si!
La cucina di Vane, on Altervista/Giallo Zafferano since 2011

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Use our tools to achieve your goals.

Turn the ads on

With the Auto-pilot we display profitable advertisements that fit in your blog design. You can activate Autopilot in one click, and earn from the traffic on your blog contents.

Withdraw your earnings

We pay you by crediting your earnings to your current account or your PayPal .

Unique Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Privacy and Cookie Policy

Easy Privacy and Cookie Policy

Add a professional Cookie and Privacy Policy (GDPR compliant) on your blog with a few clicks.
No limits of traffic and web space

Unlimited web space and traffic

Your blog can hit traffic with no limits and you can use as much space as you want for your content.
Customer care, training, and coaching

Customer care, training, and coaching

You can receive support in dedicated groups (mostly in Italian). We give you advice going on the success of your blog.
Paolo Madeddu
Paolo Madeddu, A margine, on Altervista since 2014
What I love of Altervista is that it all seems very simple, even those things I don't understand and that I will never use because I'm a total fool. Even though they could greatly improve my blog as well as my life too.
Anna Clair Smith
Mammaacs, on Altervista since 2014
I found a great family on the web, it provides me assistance, reliability and visibility. I'm happy of being on Altervista because I'm achieving my goal also thanks to helpful and competent people.
Giuseppe Perrini
Taste for Food, on Altervista since 2017
The support team is remarkably active. Excellent problem solving during a crisis.
Alessandro Bonino
Spinoza, on Altervista since 2008
Altervista works very well and the guys who work there are always available. If a plugin is giving you a hard time, you can call them even if it's Saturday night, and - bam! - they'll solve the problem immediately.

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All you need to create a blog


Your blog runs with WordPress, the world leader of blogging software.

HTTPS Protocol

Obtain the mark ‘secure’ on your website thanks to the HTTPS protocol.


Domain free of charge for you, forever. You can buy a domain, at 19 € + VAT per year.

Professional Themes

Free of charge professional WordPress themes. You can load, install and edit the graphic theme you like, with no restrictions.


You can add all the plugins you need.


Blog statistics with Analytics directly in the dashboard, so you can keep track of monthly visitors and income.

Social Media

Spread your voice on social networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, with advanced publishing tools.


Keep your contents safe, with the free of charge backup.
Arthur Hagopian
My experience with Altervista has been an eye-opener. I had tried several other hosting services and registrars, and Altervista comes on top. Thank you for a wonderful service. May you go on to greater success.
Armenian Jerusalem, on Altervista since 2014
Giulia Blasi
Everything works and it's all so simple. And even if something does not work they are always ready to help. Putting in good stuff it's all on you though.
Giulia Blasi, a blog on Altervista since 2012
Marco Manicardi
With Altervista it's like being at my own desk in my office (although I never really had an office).
Marco Manicardi, on Altervista since 2012

Altervista is where you make a profit with your imagination