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Altervista, which leads in the Italian market, is one of the biggest free of charge hosting service in the world. Founded in 2000, Altervista came at the top thanks to the reputation of the reliability of its services spread all over the web.

Altervista is the tech core of the leading publishing company in Italy: Mondadori, digital magazine.

Professional services are available free of charge. How is it possible? Thanks to the exclusive revenue sharing system on Altervista you can monetize the traffic in your web space.

Resources, features and compatible CMS

Websites that decide to host advertisements generate a profit so the service remains free of charge for everyone. Remember that on Altervista advertising is not mandatory, but an opportunity.

Feature: PHP 5 and 7, MySQL database with unlimited queries, HTTPS secure website certificate, FTP with a secure encrypted connection, mod_rewrite and .htaccess management, Cron Jobs tool.

You can load and install CMS such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, phpBB and many more.

Website Management


PHP 5 and 7 “Optimized for Altervista” with the most popular libraries


MySQL with unlimited queries. Free of charge backup.


Full space management via FTP and file manager.

The Happiness of Altervista Users

Arthur Hagopian
Armenian Jerusalem, on Altervista since 2014
My experience with Altervista has been an eye-opener. I had tried several other hosting services and registrars, and Altervista comes on top. Thank you for a wonderful service. May you go on to greater success.
Daniele Mencarelli
Guideandroid, on Altervista since 2017
Web push notification helped me in an incredible way to grow visits to my blog 😍 I sincerely thank the person who thought to bring this feature to Altervista !!!
Esther Duncan
Artful school leadership, on Altervista since 2016
Free web space is hard to find these days, but came across these nice folks in Italy: Altervista
Luciene Sabre
Liplock, on Altervista since 2017
Wanna give a shoutout to @Altervista, an awesome free subdomain host - but you can buy a tld domain from them and use it.

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