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PLEASE NOTE: this page is a short sized version of the General Terms of Altervista. This page rapresent a summary of the General Conditions of the Service, you can find here the full version.

Who We Are, What We Do For You

Altervista is a service hosting provider, that offers you free of charge a blog or website, with advanced tools. You can earn by displaying advertisements on your Blog or Hosted Site on Altervista. The advertisements on your blog are not mandatory, it’s your call, the services of hosting provider are free of charge anyway.

How To Use Altervista

Free web space and tools for your personal blog, your stories, recipes, tech hints, travel journeys, DIY tricks and whatever is in your mind and in your heart. We do enjoy good copy, beautiful images, nice thoughts. Good writing, all shapes of it, it's pretty welcome. We do our best to offer you advanced services at no price and the chance to earn money from your web content.

We Do Not Tolerate

  • The illegal contents and contents that could damage a third part.
  • Incorrect use of advertisements, that could damage advertisers, who pays you to have ad banner displayed in your hosted site.
  • Use of our services to make phishing, spam or other activities that could damage the web.
  • Contents systematically copied without proper authorization.

In the event that your behavior was not right Altervista may interrupt the delivery of services.

How It Works And How To Use Advertising In Your Hosted Site

The insertion of advertisements on your hosted site is not required, if you decide to do so you have to keep these few important points in mind:

  • Advertisers offers advertisements to be displayed on your hosted site, they pay you for displaying ads and it's expect from you the maximum fairness about it.
  • As you are free to disable or remove advertisements from your hosted site at any time, advertisers may decide not to buy more advertising space on your hosted site, permanently or temporarily, according to the advertising campaigns they made available for your hosted site.
  • The market value of advertisements may change from time to time, it's subject to seasonal trends and then, in the same way, the proposed rates may vary over time, as well as vary the available advertising formats, because, you know, the world changes.
  • The more you earn and more we earn. Altervista and advertisers have all the advantage of encouraging the inclusion of advertisements on most sites and, since no one is obliged to display advertising, try to always offer the best rates and the best formats available on the ad market, that thou may be always satisfied with the performances of the ad system and motivated to continue with us.
  • Altervista has some exclusive agreements with advertisers, therefore you can place on your site only advertisements that are in your control panel, unless you do not have specific agreements with Altervista that authorize you to include other forms of advertisements.
  • Being fair is crucial in the ads system: both you and the advertiser have to gain from advertising on your hosted site, fairly. You have to pay attention to the quality of contents you produce and publish, you have to display advertisements correctly on your hosted site, with the right proportions (do not accumulate banners). Being fair it's the guarantee for you to have access at the best rates and continue to receive advertising for your hosted site.