The following terms integrate and do not replace the General Conditions of Altervista. These terms apply to the owners of the Hosted Site who decide to activate Push Notification Service. Push Notification Service is available if the Hosted Site presents certain technical characteristics or requirements: for example, Google AdSense active and working and that the site or blog is part of remuneration groups belonging the Banner Service.

The Notification Service allows the User to send updates concerning new content on his blog or website to visitors of the website or blog. Visitors to the website/blog can receive notifications in case they have authorized their browser and/or acquired the specific token.

The User may, at any time and in his sole discretion, decide to disable the Notifications from his Altervista admin panel.

Failure to comply with any of the following terms and guidelines may also result in the deactivation, even on a permanent basis, of the Push Notification Service.

The User acknowledges and accepts that the Service is offered free of charge and without any guarantee of delivery of the Notification to visitors, a circumstance that depends solely and exclusively on the configuration of the receiving browser and the settings chosen by the visitor of the Hosted Site.

1. Requirements - In order to send notifications, it is necessary that the visitors of the Hosted Site have enrolled their browser and/or acquired the token through automated systems that support the web push notification technology. The authorization to receive notifications can be revoked by the visitor at any time via their browser.

The use of any method, technology or strategy for the purpose of acquiring or obtaining fraudulent or artificial entries of visitors to the Hosted Site to which Notifications can be sent is categorically prohibited. Entries must originate from an effective interest on the part of the visitor of the Site Hosted to receive Notifications. By way of example and not exhaustive, it is not permitted: repeated manual registrations, tools for the generation of automated registrations, clickjacking or strategies to deceive systems.

2. Limits on the traffic sources - It is not allowed to activate the Service on Hosted Sites whose pages that receive traffic from certain sources:

  • Autosurf, paid-to-click, paid-to-surf and click-exchange traffic
  • Unwanted emails (spam) or unsolicited ads on third-party websites
  • Software to generate pop-ups, change Banner placement or Banner visibility
  • Traffic from clickbait or like bait
  • Traffic share of more than 20% from countries with a prevalence of language that is not in line with the language of the proposed contents
  • Traffic without sources or from sources that can not be determined
  • Doorway traffic.

3. - Regulations on content treated by notifications The content and body of each notification are at the sole discretion of the Owner of the Hosted Site who undertakes to hold harmless and harmless Mondadori Media S.p.A. from every question, request, action, claim, deriving or connected to the object and content of the Notifications, The Owner of the Hosted site assumes all responsibility in this regard. The User acknowledges and accepts that the content and the subject of each Notice cannot in any way violate the General Conditions of Altervista. In particular, purely by way of example and not exhaustive, the notifications cannot have as their object or addressing at pages featuring materials (logos, texts, and images) such as:

  • contents forbidden to minors;
  • adult content, sexual, violent, inciting racial hatred or intolerance;
  • defamatory or even potentially harmful content against individuals and/or groups and/or organizations, and/or companies;
  • contents protected by copyright and whose authorization for dissemination is not available;
  • content related to drugs, drugs and alcohol abuse;
  • contents related to health and to the promotion of medicines;
  • contents related to computer piracy and software cracking;
  • content related to programs that offer compensation to users in exchange for clicks on ads or to perform searches, browse websites or read emails;
  • obscene contents and gore;
  • illicit, untruthful and/or illegal content that favors illegal and/or dishonest and/or antisocial behavior;
  • illegal or plagiarized content;
  • copied, aggregated, scraped or non-original content;
  • contents not in line with the topics covered by the reference vertical (if any), as described in the Terms and Conditions (4.10);
  • contents of spam, doorway and with a little textual component;
  • compromised contents, which can damage the visitor or malicious;
  • external pages or redirect to external content or external resources;
  • pages with unauthorized advertising content;
  • pages hidden or not freely accessible or protected by a password.

4. Sending limits - It is allowed to send one or more notifications - in a limited number not exceeding 3 (three) - on a daily basis to avoid unwanted spam or receptions. Users, owners of Domains (as defined in the General Conditions), acknowledge and accept that notifications to visitors can also be sent by third parties.

5. Adequacy compared to current terms - The owner of the Hosted Site acknowledges and accepts that the pages of the Hosted Site where the Push Notification Service is active must comply with the current legislation on privacy, including the provisions concerning the possibility for third parties to enter and read cookies on visitors' browsers or to use web beacons to collect information. The User, owner of the Hosted Site guarantees, in any case, the compliance of the latter to all current regulations, in particular undertakes to produce, publish and keep updated in an appropriate manner, independently or through the tools offered by Altervista (where there are requirements), the cookie policy and any other disclaimer and/or privacy policy necessary for the provision of the Push Notifications Service, under penalty of immediate suspension of the same.